The DMW Story

Dead Men Walking started off as an amateur gaming clan, exclusively playing Rainbow Six: Vegas on the Xbox 360. Previous members, along with co-owner Catch, struggled to find their grove in the Gamebattles Team Survival ladder. Catch took it upon himself to push DMW to the for-front of the ladder, recruiting 4 new faces from other struggling clans. Riddle, Groggy, Nellie and Beatbizzy would take the team to new heights with the leadership of Catch. The team climbed as high as 1st place in the North American Survival ladder for Rainbow Six: Vegas. Recruitment soared as well, as the team reached around 20 members. From there, DMW struggled to find their place in the next installment of the Rainbow Six franchise, and multiple players left the team. A few years later, Beatbizzy and Catch would reunite to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Mostly for fun due to the pace of the call of duty games not fitting well with our style of play. We continued to play for fun, through different games and platforms, enjoying the company of our team mates while still trying to be competitive, which is our nature. With the emergence of League of Legends, Dead Men Walking took a turn into the CPU world to try their hand with Catch and Beatbizzy being joined by now co-owner Matrix in a more predominate role (as he use to play from time to time in the past). After careful consideration and the maturity of our group, we have decided to take the team to a new level, and use our real life experiences to make a mark on the gaming world that we have tried so long to achieve.