Dead Men Walking - Revival

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General

In the Days of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Dead Men Walking was a household name for those of you who were in the competative scene. Ranking #1 on Gamebattles and Team Compete, DMW had a very strong showing in the intial seasons as well as playoffs. Since that time, DMW has expanded it's gaming platforms from solely XBox, to include XBox 360 and most recently PS4 and PC. With the new expansion, Dead Men Walking has set it's sites on two main focuses. These currently include League of Legends and (soon) Rainbow Six once again upon release. 

As time has passed, DMW's roster has seen some shift with the addion of players True Gohan, Clossic and Dnicks. The mainstays, Catch dMw (now Goku dMw), Lowlife (now Beatbizzy dMw) and XFactor (now MaTrix dMw) are still proving stability at the top and have sights set on returning DMW to it's old form. 

As stated in the title, this is the revival. Seeing this is our first release in some time, we welcome you back, and look forward to having you along for the journey to the top!





Phil Giuffre

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