Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 2:14pm General Gaming

There really aren't many people these days that truly take a full nose dive into their true passion and are able to make a career out of it. One of these people, who have recently inspired me, and this site, is Steve Arhancet, Co-Owner of Team Liquid. Not only was their story inspiring from the standpoint of taking a team all the way to the top of the ladder in LCS, but also from a business perspective of rebranding. As a company or competitive gaming team, completely revamping your brand is an extremely daunting task. From the perspective of a business professional, I can't say that I would have readily changed the name with what is at stake in that organization. Liquid's success not only stemmed from a new name, but a new identity. They've added new plays and a new attitude. That's what DMW is looking to do with this new step. We're not only looking to create a brand of gaming that is exciting, but also field a team that mirrors that goal. 

Welcome to the site and thanks for being a part of the Revival! 


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Phil Giuffre

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