TopicHow to Recover Microsoft Account Password | 1-888-315-9712

  • Thu 22nd Aug 2019 - 10:29am

    Want to reset your Account Live password but forgot to turn the two-step authentication? No sweat! We will tell you another way to reset your Account Live password without hassle. Open any web browser and type in the URL. You will see a webpage asking you to enter your current or registered email address. 

    Provide the same, and then enter any other email which is different from the one you are attempting to recover the password of. Now, if you don’t have any other email ID, then hit the “Create a new one with” link and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a new account. 

    Enter this new email address on the Account Live password reset page and then type the Captcha code correctly. On the next page, enter a new password twice and use it to access your account. However, if you have enabled the two-step authentication feature in your account, then go to the link and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password. For further help, contact the Microsoft customer support team.

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